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Rangar Breweries … a name that connotes world class quality. In just a decadeRangar Breweries has become an identity to reckon with, gifting you one of the finest blends that is irresistibly smooth and mellow. The packaging for the distilled
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Rangar Breweries Ltd. is a Largest -scale bottling & distillery unit that is located in the growing industrial centre of Himachal Pradesh
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2. UASB Reactor:-
Another reactor based on UASB principal has been constructed at site. It is up flow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor. It is a RCC tank having capacity of 2400000.00 Lts. This reactor achieved 72% COD reduction and 80% BOD reduction after treatment.
SECONDARY TRETMENT SYSTEMIt has various units like anaerobic filter two stage aeration system and sludge separation through lamella clarifier.
(A) Trickling Filter
The outlet of the primary treatment system enters into trickling filter. The size of trickling filter is 50 x 21 x 4 m. The efficiency of trickling filter is 65% of BOD removal efficiency. The effluent from trickling filter is further treated in aeration tank.
(B) Aeration Tank No.1 (Activated sludge process)
Trickling filter overflow effluent having under composed organic matter will be collected in the aeration tank no.1 to further reduce the COD/BOD with the help of aerobic microorganism. Normally 56- 60% BOD reduction takes place in this case. The size of aeration tank no.1 is 16 x 11 x 4 m. The lamella decanter has been provided as the means of clarifier. Thus the treated water will be clear from the solids and then can be sent further to the second aeration tank no.2.
(C) Aeration tank No.2
Primary treated effluent having 80% reduced BOD will be aerated again in aeration tank no.2. The size of aeration tank no2 is 12 x 10 x 3 m. In this case about 68-70% BOD removal efficiency is achieved. After the second aeration tank, mixed liquor is passed is achieved. After the second aeration tank, mixed liquor is passed into lamella where separation of the activated sludge from aerated water takes place. The treated effluent from the lamella decanter clarifier is allowed to discharge for irrigation purpose.
The company installed tertiary system with the help of botanical Treatment System (Root Zone System). The root zone process functions according to the laws of nature to effectively purity domestic and effluent system. Total area of root zone system is 83 x 17 m. Wastewater is first introduced in the beds in four rectangular tanks and after treatment of effluent in botanical treatment process (Root Zone Process), treated effluent flows in the further tank for chemical treatment process.
Company installed the IV stage treatment system. This involves sedimentation for colour removal. In this process one no of reaction tank having 4 x 4 x 4 m size is utilized. The effulgent from the botanical treatment system enters into the tank and the lamella clarifier. The sludge is collected on the sludge drying beds and the clear liquid is taken to the ferity irrigation.

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