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Rangar Breweries … a name that connotes world class quality. In just a decadeRangar Breweries has become an identity to reckon with, gifting you one of the finest blends that is irresistibly smooth and mellow. The packaging for the distilled
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Rangar Breweries Ltd. is a Largest -scale bottling & distillery unit that is located in the growing industrial centre of Himachal Pradesh
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Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) is most cost Effective & technically proven system to remove the unwanted, hazardous chemicals from the wastewater to meets the statutory pollution control requirements,


Various treatment methods have been applied at Ranger Breweries Limited in order to cope with the effluent generated. This includes primary, Secondary and tertiary methods on biological as well as chemical methods.


The primary treatment includes the two plants based on the anaerobic digestion principal. The one is based on CSTR, i.e. Completely Stirred Tank Reactor principal and other on the UASB i.e. Up flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket technology.

1.CSTR DIGESTER ( Sulzer Technology)

This reactor is made up of MS and having capacity of 2400000.00 Lts. This digester achieved 68-72% COD reduction and 80% BOD reduction after treatment.

The Lamella settler of 40 CUM capacity is provided after the digester, which is used to maintain the biomass of the digester. The Sludge circulation from lamella to digester is done by recycling pumps. The treated effluent goes to secondary treatment system for further treatment. The biogas generated is collected in the gas holder and then sent to the boiler for burning purpose as a fuel.

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